• Covid-19 Information

    January 13, 2021 | News | admin
  • To get your COVID19 vaccinations you can go online or call a phone number if you don’t go online.  The phone number for the Frederick County, MD Health Dept. Vaccination Line is 301-600-7900 and you can make an appt. with them for your first shot.  They will give you a time and location and after your first shot they will give you an appt. for the 2nd shot.  If you go online you can go to http://www.health.frederickcountymd.gov/ and click on Vaccination Clinic and you fill out an interest form and then they call you to make your appt.  If you have no way of getting to Frederick for your vaccine appt., call the center at 301-271-7911 and a volunteer can take you.  You can also ask your local pharmacy if they will eventually be giving the vaccine, but that may be a long time in coming or not happen at all.